Date: Feb 2020
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The Local Collective working with their client partner Wow Tech Group has just finished a Global packaging strategy and design for the companies We-Vibe brand, that will result in the designs being used on packages across four continents and nearly sixty countries.

The packaging designs are for a new product launch inside the We-Vibe brand.

The We-Vibe Chorus is a category leader in couple’s vibrators. “We-Vibe Chorus represents an exciting new model launch in our portfolio. We wanted the packaging design to signal that to our consumers. We’re very excited to bring this to market” Said Stephanie Keating, head of marketing – Americas at Wow Tech.

The package designs are being used in several major global markets ranging from Australia and China to Germany and England., and the US and Canada. The package design is part of a larger campaign which will roll out later this year.


The Local Collective

Wow Tech Group