Date: Aug 2021
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Scotland’s Railway has launched a new campaign, ’Onwards’, encouraging Scottish commuters back to the railway network. Picking up momentum from their successful 2019 campaign, after a year of disruption for travel around the world in 2020, this campaign promotes optimism, progress and certainty.

Created by the Edinburgh-based agency, Leith, the campaign promotes the versatility and vitality of Scottish Railway as it rebuilds and recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the last 16 months of disruption, halting much that we take for granted, Scotland’s Railway has pushed on; continuing to invest in and improve rail services around the country.

Emphasising Scotland’s Railway importance within local communities, the 60’ TVC captures a journey that moves beyond train carriages and railway stations; showing the protagonist journeying through key industries such as healthcare, agriculture and manufacturing. Relaying the impact that the network had on people and businesses throughout the pandemic and will continue to have in the future. The campaign shows the vastness of rail travel, demonstrating that it serves the commuting population as well as those travelling for leisure.

Alongside demonstrating how safe it is to use train travel, Scotland’s Railways reminds the public of their commitment to becoming a cleaner, greener and faster network. The campaign reiterates the rail networks pledge to be decarbonised by 2035, and that by travelling with them, abandoning other modes of transport, the public are contributing to this goal; the campaign aligns with the brands promise to be ‘Better in the Making’.