The Last Meal

Date: Dec 2018
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A heartbreaking campaign by a collection of animal welfare organisations is hoping to encourage people to adopt a shelter dog this festive season.

The film, “The Last Meal, was created by DDB Remedy with Doggie Rescue, Best Friends, Voiceless Australia, Starting Over Dog Rescue, SA Dog Rescue, and SAFE.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the more than 50,000 abandoned dogs which are put down across Australia every year. It also hopes to shine a light on the issue globally where more than 2 million dogs are euthanised around the world.


Dog welfare organisations

Doggie Rescue, NSW

SA Dog Rescue, SA


Starting Over Dog Rescue, VIC

Best Friends, QLD

Voiceless Australia

DDB Remedy

Managing Director: John Bertolini

Executive Creative Director: Scott Smith

Creative Partner: John Lam

Senior Producer: Dawn Scanlan

Group Business Director: Narve Thakrar

Business Director: Francesca Millena

Digital Director: Alex Lambert


Director: Jonathan May

Production: Flint Sydney

TV Producer: Tim Berriman

Writer: Jason Ross

Creative Consultant: Kristian Taylor-Wood

Sound Design: Simon Lister, Stuart Welch, James Martell, Nylon Studios

Music: Lydia Davies, Nylon Studios

Voice Talent: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Editor: Christopher Barron,

Post Production: The Hive

Colourist: Matt Fezz

VFX Supervisor: Hugh Saville

DOP: Campbell Brown

Steady Cam Operator: Brendan Shaw

Gaffer: Jeremy Graham, Ben McPhee

Dog Rescue consultant: Monika Biernacki

Talent: Dog 1: Steve, Dog 2: Xena, Mitch Fong

Popeyes: Wingspan Box by GSD&M

Added 20 June 2019
Agency: GSD&M
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