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Callaway Golf: Slicers Anonymous by The Kimba Group

Date: Sep 2020
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Golfers know that a bad slice can ruin a good day of golf. In a new branded short film, 'Slicers Anonymous', golf titan Callaway has created a solution to rampant swing problems and enlisted actor/comedian/golf enthusiast Kevin Nealon to preach a mantra of positivity.

In the film, Nealon plays the all-knowing leader of the eponymous support group. It starts with a diverse group of golfers on the golf range and course, all who possess a wicked slice. Mysteriously, personalized messages appear -- on golf balls and beer cans and Instagram posts -- with cryptic notes like “nice calves, terrible slice” and “no amount of booze can fix that swing” with the tag of “your slice is not your swing” and an address and time where they can come together.

In the anonymous-style setting, Nealon uses tough love to call out their individual problems, ultimately getting them to repeat the mantra, “your slice is not your swing.” The eight-minute film lets Nealon do what he does best – make tough love...lovable, especially as he calls out the attendees’ worst golf traits. “You have happy feet, like a salsa dancer…your swing looks like a llama giving birth.” Ultimately, though, the solution to their problem magically appears as Big Bertha B21 clubs pop into each golfer’s hand.

A 40-second trailer for the film shows the slicing golfers gathering at the meeting, finding out why they’ve been summoned.

The reason for the campaign, and the new clubs, are that Google searches related to “golf slice” are the highest they’ve been in seven years. Fringe golfers coming back to the game, casual golfers playing more frequently, and beginners starting out due to interest sparked by the current state of the pandemic, have all factored into this uptick.

“Golf is an emotional sport – an internal/introspective game where players are always looking to improve in a battle against themselves for their personal best. A support group composed of archetypal golfers who all slice for different reasons, felt like the perfect setting for a dark comedy that tapped into those truths,” said Rebecca Rosoff, co-founder of The Kimba Group.


Brand: Callaway

Agency: The Kimba Group

Production Co: All Things Comedy


Jay Larson - Writer/Director

Rebecca Rosoff - Executive Producer

Mike Chiavetta - Executive Producer

Mike Bertolina - Executive Producer

Rachel Garcia - Production Supervisor

Keith Smith - Director of Photography

Jason Gallagher - Editor/Composer


The Guru - Kevin Nealon

Dale - Tone Bell

Julie - Courtney Scheuerman

Tommy - Nick Turner

Carl - Aristotle Athiras

Paul - Phil Painter

Golf Coach - Cort McCown

Tommy’s Friend - Ari Mannis

Janitor - Eddie Pepitone