Agency: The Garden
Client: TMX Group
Date: Oct 2017
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Toronto-based creative shop The Garden has created a new global marketing campaign for TMX Group, which offers access to Canada’s capital markets through the country’s biggest ecosystem of exchanges including Toronto Stock Exchange, Montreal Exchange, Venture Exchange.

The new brand campaign, 'The Future is Yours to See', highlights how the business world is changing. From artificial intelligence to self-driving cars to data-driven insights and predictions, the future is unfolding right before our eyes. The campaign demonstrates TMX’s understanding of that future, and positions them as an innovative, technology-driven organization that can help companies and entrepreneurs realize their visions and define their own futures.

The overall writing tone in the out-of-home was intended to take traditional business cliches and turn them on their head, signaling the end of the 'old way' of doing things and offering a fresh perspective on where the world of business is going.


Campaign Title: 'The Future is Yours to See'

Client: TMX Group

Alison Simpson - senior vice president marketing, Communications & Brand

Agency: The Garden

Creative director: Shane Ogilvie

Strategy director: Shari Walczak

Strategists: Darla Miazdyck, Sarah Phillips

Art director: Grant Cleland

Copywriters: Sean Atkinson, Erin Beaupre

Project cultivator: Jessica Lax

Design director: Omar Morson

Designer: Adriana Mahalean

Director of visual media: Jamie Morren

Print producer: Kari Macknight Dearborn

Broadcast producer: Melanie Lambertsen

Editor: Brett Erina

Post house: The Vanity

Audio house: Pirate Radio & Television

Director, composer: Chris Tait

Sound engineer: Keith Ohman

Producer: Lauren Davies

Media: Wills & co

Jeff Wills

Dave Fernandes