Date: Oct 2020
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​The​ ​Economist has launched a new digital marketing initiative, 'Word Play' designed to drive audiences to the high-quality journalism they can expect from​ The Economist’s​ coverage of the US 2020 elections.

Tapping into the collective frustration with mass media and acknowledging the emotionally-charged presidential election, 'Word Play' was devised to promote ​The Economist’s​ US 2020 elections coverage, raise awareness of ​The Economist​ among US audiences and present the brand as a refreshingly fair-minded,​ rigorous a​nd data-driven alternative source of journalism.

A departure from The Economist​ traditional 'white out of red' creative, this campaign instead leverages the secondary colour palette with striking blues. Each creative makes use of kangaroo words found within ​The Economist​ name to boldly alert audiences to what they can expect (evidence-based, refreshingly fair) and cannot expect (no hype, no clickbait) from The Economist​.

This global digital campaign, aimed primarily at US audiences, will run across social media (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as well as T​he Economist's owned channels and a myriad of digital media properties including ​Wired, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Huffington Post and Quartz​. It will also be featured as host-read advertisements on a range of prominent politics and current affairs podcasts​.