Date: Aug 2019
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The UK charity, The Children’s Society has opened The Store of Modern Childhood to draw attention to the harsh realities facing the youth of Britain.

The installation was commissioned by the charity to highlight the findings of its Good Childhood Report 2019. It features a shop where the shelves display an array of ‘products’ that represent the challenges that many young people face daily including poverty, knife crime, bullying and sexual exploitation.

The ‘products’ themselves include stab vests, exercise books filled with messages of self-hate, a make-up station complete with ‘bruise hider,’ ‘anxiety concealer’ and ‘black eye fader, as well as phone cases that feature messages of bullying.

The tech department includes Grooma_, a mock social networking app for children that boasts a free, private environment for chat, image and video sharing with a search feature based on the age, interest and geographical location of the children.

However, the store also offers a vision of a potential future with The Gallery of Optimism. Transitioning through a changing room, guests can explore a space filled with light, colour and messages of positivity. Within the gallery guests can view photography, art, poetry and music that combine to make a happy place that represents the hope, resilience and joy of childhood as it should be.

The Children’s Society hopes that The Gallery of Optimism might help to inspire a brighter, better future for children across the UK.


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