Date: Jun 2021
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As the nation gears up to celebrate Pride, The Body Shop has today launched a film starring two of UK’s most sensational queens in a previously unseen light – The Reverse Roast.

The hilarious, yet deeply heartwarming feature sees Lawrence Chaney and Tia Kofi flip the time-honoured Roast tradition on its head. Rather than savage takedowns, the Queens are tasked to build each other up with affirmations of self-love, and compliments of the highest order, as a reminder of just how fabulous we all are – no matter what society may say.

The film has been launched as The Body Shop reveals that LGBTQ+ communities in the UK suffer lower levels of self-love than the rest of the population, with more than four in ten of those that identify as LGBTQ+ nearly twice as likely to have low self-love compared to their cisgender and/or heterosexual peers1. Furthermore, the British beauty brand discovered that 46% of LGBT+ people consider themselves a failure, compared with 25% of heterosexual people.