Date: Aug 2018
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September is National Preparedness Month, and the Ad Council has teamed up with The Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) and Facebook for an Emergency Preparedness campaign, encouraging families to take simple, but life-saving, steps to prepare themselves for emergencies.

Facebook’s Creative Shop contributed creative services and ad space for a series of animated, sentimental videos featuring objects left behind after disasters. The artistry and story-telling serve a very real purpose, as each video packages a memorable preparedness tip for the viewer.

The animation brings lost objects to life, like a doll saying her home wasn’t insured, a piggy bank who has lost his savings, or a photo album saying the photos are lost forever. All three state that there are things that others can do to avoid what happened to them. The new campaign provides simple actions that can lead to life-saving, self-reliant and resilient results in times of unexpected emergencies.

Ad agency Wordsworth and Booth created pro bono radio spots, print and out-of-home ads. The TV and digital component of the campaign will feature videos with disaster preparedness tips to run on broadcast TV and Facebook.


Creative Credits


Mark D’Arcy – VP, Global Business Marketing, Chief Creative Officer

Andrew Keller – Global Creative Director

Eric Schnabel – Director, Creative Shop North American Lead

Derek Scott – Manager, Marketing

Tris Gates – Creative Strategist

Jill Applebaum – Creative Strategist

Natasha Fedorova – Visual Designer

Chris Kennedy – Creative Strategist

Maria Soares – North America Lead Producer

Annie Porter – Producer

Luke Bumgarner – Producer

Eric Laurence – Client Partner

Sarah Kaehler – Client Solutions Manager

Cam Gamble – Client Solutions Manager


Mark Waring – Director

Head of Production – Mike Turoff

Executive Producer – Debbie Crosscup

Steven Riley – Producer

Nia James – CG Coordinator

Jason Nicolas – Head of CG

Dave Walker – VFX Supervisor

Barry Reynolds – Storyboard Artist

Pamela Fahey – Casting Director

Bailey Kingsley – Editor

Christina Conradi – Editor

Dan Lambert – Matte Painting

Andrew Bittencourt – Compositing

Matheus Lacava – Compositing

Frederic Heymans – Compositing