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From 1706 & Beyond by Terri & Sandy

Date: Apr 2019
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Twinings, one of the world’s leading tea brands, is launching a new strategic and creative platform across the US to promote its herbal and wellness tea lines. This marks the first-ever advertising platform for Twinings Wellness Blends, which debuted on US shelves in late 2018, and the first all-digital marketing campaign for Twinings North America.

The platform was created by independent advertising agency Terri & Sandy, named Twinings’ North American agency of record last September. The new campaign, called 'From 1706 & Beyond,' celebrates Twinings’ rich heritage, as the brand dates back over 300 years. The story unfolds with the founder, Thomas Twining, at the helm. However, it takes an unexpectedly modern twist as the enthusiastic English visionary proves to be humorously ahead of his time.

Original video content takes viewers back to the Twinings Tea Room of 1706. The setting pays homage to the first London tea room, which was actually founded by Thomas Twining. The Twinings Tea Room would become an epicenter of social life, where people came together to sip and mingle. Here, Thomas Twining shares bold proclamations about his future Herbal and Wellness blends to a room full of patrons. The teas — with ingredients like turmeric, hibiscus and camomile — are a few centuries ahead of the blends to which the townspeople are accustomed. Thomas is comically misunderstood but takes their responses in stride. Like any true innovator, he presses forward with confidence.


Client: Twinings North America

President & CEO: Dan Martin

VP, Marketing: Katie Butler

Senior Brand Manager: Jessica Goodman

Senior Brand Manager: Andrew Mallia

Director, Consumer & Market Insights: Noni MacPherson

Agency: Terri & Sandy

Co-Founder: Terri Meyer

Co-Founder: Sandy Greenberg

Creative Director, Copywriter: Chris Cannon

Creative Director, Art Director: JP Gomez

Senior Copywriter: Natalia Davila

Senior Art Director: Benita Antony

Integrated Account Director: Drew Schwartz

Account Supervisor: Dayo Ajayi

Integrated Producer: Chris Lenz

Video Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Clay Weiner

Partner / Managing Director: Shawn Lacy

Executive Producer: Holly Vega

Producer: Shannon Barnes

Head of Production: Mercedes Allen-Sarria, Rachel Glaub

Director of Photography: Adam Marsd

Tabletop Production Director: Chris Simpson

Producer: Matt Coogan / Anyway Reps

Food Stylist: Liza Jernow

Prop Stylist: Maya Rossi

Editorial: Cosmo Street

Editor: Tom Scherma

Assistant Editor: Jared Zygarlicke

Executive Producer: Maura Woodward

Producer: Paolo Solarte

Mix: Sound Lounge

Audio Mixers: Tom Jucarone, Seth Phillips

Head of Production: Liana Rosenberg

Producers: Becca Falborn, Lauren Mullen

Flame Artist: Tim Miller

Finishing Producer: Juan Jose Handal

VFX: Out of the Blue

Digital Colorist: Scott Burch

Assistant Colorist: Courtney Feemster

Post Producer: Steve Bodner