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Duraflame: Fireside Chats by Teak

Agency: Teak
Client: Duraflame
Date: Oct 2017
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These 'Fireside Chats' center around a guy named Mike and his dog Piggy (both their real names), and the 'chats' are really Mike's musings and observations around a fire - something people naturally do when hanging out by a fire.

The goal with 'Fireside Chats' is to capture the attention of a younger audience and get them to think about Duraflame - and not just 'your grandpa's' Duraflame - the Duraflame that you can burn outside in firepits when hanging out with your friends. Or your dog.

Teak is a branding and content studio in San Francisco and the agency of record for Duraflame. Its goal was to re-invigorate the brand with a younger audience - what it calls 'Bridging Millennials' - those late 20/early 30-somethings that are partying less, settling down and making a home for themselves.

It's re-imagining the brand - launching a completely new website later this year and will be doing ongoing content with a goal to get the attention of this younger audience and give them more reasons to have a fire.


Creative director: Kevin Gammon

Writer: Jessica Volodarsky

Producer: Lauren Finerman

Post-producer: Jan Frei

Editor: Tiffany Mascarenhas

Assistant editor: Jasper Sharp

Director: Kevin Gammon

Director of photography: Alec Rodriques