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FirstBank: Payback by TDA Boulder

Client: FirstBank
Date: Aug 2018
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The advertising introduces FirstBank's new product, Zelle, which is an app that allows easy mobile-to-mobile, or mobile-to-email payments. The idea behind the creative is that while paying - Zelle's actual user benefit - isn't much fun, payback is.

So instead, we see the non-user non-benefit. For its first 20 seconds, the spot is wordless.

In Scorcese-like slow motion, to an ominous choral soundtrack, four deadbeats fall victim to four just-short-of-deadly pranks: nailed-down slippers; a floured hair dryer; chickens coming to the office to roost; a confetti car bomb. Eventually the VO sheds some light: 'Pay your friends back, before they pay you back. Zelle, on the FirstBank app.'


Jonathan Schoenberg - ECD - TDA_Boulder

Jeremy Seibold - CD - TDA_Boulder

Alex Rice - CD - TDA_Boulder

Ande Eich - AD - TDA_Boulder

Zola Owsley - CW - TDA_Boulder

Kate Osborne - Sr. Project Mgr. - TDA_Boulder

Alex Sheridan - Integrated Producer - TDA_Boulder

Martha Powers - Account Exec. - TDA_Boulder

Adam Brodie - Director - Arts & Sciences

Dave Derewlany - Director - Arts & Sciences

Ben Martenson - D.P. - Arts & Sciences

Christa Skotland - Head of Production - Arts & Sciences

Pat Harris - Producer - Arts & Sciences

Lennon Barnica - Post Dir. - Arts & Sciences

Mal Ward - Managing Director - Arts & Sciences

Marc Marie - Managing Partner - Arts & Sciences

Bryce Harvey - Editor - Ming Studios

Jeff Malen - Engineer - Lime Studios

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