Agency: TBWA\Paris
Date: Mar 2019
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The latest advertising campaign for Intercités trains takes viewers way beyond France on an intergalactic journey to promote its low prices.

The concept behind the fantastical illustrative campaign imagines that Intercités trains can take travelers further than they think, even for just 15€.

The multichannel campaign combines a futuristic fantasy universe with the low ticket offer to transport people to another dimension. Four visuals were created to illustrate the Intercitiés destinations. A beach scene finds a couple on the sand as a levitating robot offers gluten-free donuts and a man waterskis behind a spaceship. Another has a group of tourists on a robotic swan-shaped jetboat in the countryside. A third finds two aliens taking in the sights of another planet’s city, and a fourth features a typical train station departure scene but definitely not on earth.

Two illustrators worked on the visuals: Wenyi Geng, who has always been inspired by manga and artists such as Moebius and Matsumoto Taiyou; and Olivier Bonhomme, who works on comic books and does artistic direction for video games and travel diaries.


Client: SNCF Intercités


Advertising Managers: Caroline Chabrol, Michaël Chéflès, Chloé Cochart

Agency Managers: Marina Zuber, Stéphanie Decombe, Maurane Pauli

Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal et Faustin Claverie

Copywriter: Timothée Le Maître

Art Director: Marie Carrasco

Art Buyer: Elise Kubler

Illustrators: Wenyi Geng & Olivier Bonhomme

Strategic Planner: Cédric Charron