Agency: TBWA\Paris
Client: Leica
Date: Jan 2021
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Leica, the legendary German maker of photographic devices, whose roots go back in time of more than 150 years, is celebrating the commitment of photographers who bear witness to the world in a new international advertising campaign whose claim is 'The World Deserves Witnesses'

Through this campaign, the company pays homage to all those who use their Leica camera to document the beauty and poetry of the world. It celebrates those who capture pivotal moments of history, or the fragility of our human condition through their own sensitivity and unique view.

In a time in which the act of taking a picture has become easier than ever, and perhaps too often careless and superficial, this campaign aims to highlight the value of looking at the world in a more meaningful way. Seeing those precious fragments of time in which the elements of the scene compose themselves through the lens and the photographer’s eye is unique and unrepeatable.

To preserve all the integrity and sincerity of these visual testimonials this campaign, created by advertising agency TBWA\Paris, was developed using only existing photographs. No photo was created or staged to suit the communication concept, nothing has been retouched or changed.