Client: Apple
Date: Nov 2018
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Apple has taken a leaf out of BBC One’s 2017 Christmas trail and combined the crafts of CGI and stop-motion for its integrated holiday campaign, which launches with a short narrative film.

‘Share Your Gifts’ follows a young woman, Sofia, who goes through life hiding her creativity. She types frantically on her Mac in her bedroom but hides the output of her work inside a locked breadbox.

If any of her friends or family catch a glimpse of her creativity – whether that be turning a loaf of bread into a 3D character or drawing a pair of sunglasses onto bus window condensation – she immediately shies away.

Yet one day, as the snow begins to fall, Sofia’s faithful dog knocks open her window and her hidden sheets of paper fly out onto the street. As she runs around frantically gathering her work, she’s surprised by the joy it has bought those who picked it up.

The camera pans out of her chocolate box town as the endline reads: ‘Share Your Gifts’.