Warwick Castle - Merlin Entertainments: Choose Your Side by TBWA\Manchester

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This summer, Warwick Castle are re-enacting the tale of high drama, rivalry, ambition and bloody battles with the Wars of the Roses live show; it’s the 15th Century. Two English families - the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York - clash in 17 historic battles in an epic 30 year war for the English Throne (1455-1487).

TBWA\Manchester were tasked to bring the live show to life and show that visitors to Warwick Castle this year are able to live and breathe the battles like never before in a 2000-capacity arena.

Warwick Castle actually played a key role in the war – Richard Neville Earl of Warwick (1449) helped to depose both Henry V1 and Edward IV winning himself the title of Kingmaker.

The TV campaign goes live this weekend, with the experience starting from 27 May.


Lisa Nichols - Executive Creative Director - TBWA\Manchester

Gary Fawcett - Executive Creative Director - TBWA\Manchester

Jason Chadwick - Art Director – TBWA\Manchester

Sam Rutter - Copywriter – TBWA\Manchester

Lou Vasey - Head of TV – TBWA\Manchester

Heather Nickerson - Account Director – TBWA\Manchester

Yoni Weisberg - Director – Chief Productions

Production Company – Chief Productions

Kate Brady - Producer – Chief Productions

Sound – Dock10

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