Date: Jul 2018
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As Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin arrived in Helsinki for their summit, they were greeted by billboards, posters and transport shelter signs touting Finland as the ‘land of free press.’

TBWA\HELSINKI and Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in the Nordics, greeted presidents Putin and Trump with a reminder of press freedom during their summit in Helsinki, since both leaders are notoriously trying to control the media in their respective countries.

The timely outdoor campaign had an extremely short production time, as the summit – undeniably the news event of the day – wasn’t announced until three weeks previous. 280-plus billboards were created and have been displayed in English and Russian throughout Helsinki, on the presidents' travel routes to the summit from the airport.


Client: Helsingin Sanomat

Agency: TBWA\Helsinki

Campaign: The Land of Free Press

Helsingin Sanomat

Design Director: Alo Valtere

Marketing Director: Veera Siivonen

Photographer: Kristian Autio


Chief Creative Officer: Jyrki Poutanen

Creative Director: Erno Reinikainen

Copywriters: Lauri Gran, Tuomas Perälä, Anni Lindgren

Creative Content Strategist: Aki Toivonen

Account Director: Noora Murremäki

Project Manager: Mira Sallanko

Production AD: Harry Huttunen

Graphic Designer: Maria Dunaeva

Data Analyst: Esa Roponen

Communications Specialists: Leni Vehkaluoto, Sofia Kaura-Aho, Iman Chellaf

Campaign Analyst: Jesse Korhonen

Producer: Jari Lähteinen

DOP: Petri Siikanen

Editor: Jerry Strengell