Date: Oct 2017
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Open discussion about the end of life and the dying process continues to be a challenge. This is especially true with regard to the death of a child. When parents reveal that their child is dying, it makes people uncomfortable. Their friends and loved ones often start avoiding them, because they have no idea what to say.

With the advancement of mobile technology and social media, not addressing a friend’s heartbreaking text or post becomes virtually unavoidable. That’s why Trinity Kids Care (TKC), a division of Providence Health, which provides in-home hospice care to terminally ill children throughout Southern California wants to help make this situation easier for everyone.

TKC’s latest fundraising campaign created by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, who donated their services to TKC, not only addresses this uncomfortable situation, it also provides a simple solution – if you don’t know what to say, give.


TBWA\Chiat\Day LA:

Renato Fernando, chief creative officer

Kirsten Rutherford, creative director

Blair Seward, art director

Elizabeth Daniel, copywriter

Anh-Thu Le, executive producer

Erika Buder, associate producer

Caroline Hanley, account supervisor

Robin Rossi, director of business affairs

Neil Barrie, chief strategic officer

Jennifer Costello, group planning director

Renee Vafa, social strategist


Jillian Corsie, director and editor

Nicole Alexander, production coordinator

Jeff Holiday, assistant editor

Darshan Kembhavi, editor