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Manulife: Life Saving Pots by TBWA\ Singapore

Client: Manulife
Date: Nov 2017
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In tropical countries, such as Singapore, it is advised by government and health agencies that you shouldn’t have ‘standing water’ in your house as that is where mosquitos breed. Instead of discouraging people to own plant pots, Manulife partnered with local artisans to use non-toxic paint that works as an insecticide.

The insurance, retirement and wealth management firm wanted to weigh in on the issues around diseases such as dengue and zika in Singapore and decided that creating something beautiful, that also helped solve the problem, was a new way to engage people.

The campaign was created alongside TBWA\Singapore and sought the expertise of The Dragon Kiln, one of the last wood-fire kilns in Singapore.

The first 80 pots were delivered to homes in the Punggol area of Singapore and given to residents, while a competition to win more will be carried out on the Manulife Facebook page.



Creative Agency: TBWA\Singapore

Gary Steele, Executive Creative Director

Hagan de Villiers, Executive Creative Director

Jimmy Neo, Creative Director

Tattoo Yar, Creative Group Head

Kenneth Choong, Senior Writer

Claudia Ribeiro, Senior Writer

Weicong Chong, Art Director

Nastasha Gotangco, Account Director


Shee Bee Heo, porcelain artist, Ceramic House

Tan Teck Yoke, Dragon Kiln


Una Yoon, producer, SixToes

Janice Tan, editor, SixToes

Raquel Ang, videographer

Raul Davadilla, digital imaging artist, EG+

Teo Studio, photographer

Sunrise, printer

Melvin Ong, project manager, betaphats studios

Dzafirul Haniff, director of photography, betaphats studios

Nizlan Sani, soundman, betaphats studios

Mujahid Azfa & lok, grip, betaphats studios