Agency: TBWA
Date: Jul 2019
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In a bid to support parents who are struggling to come to terms with their child coming out as LGBTQ+, TBWA\London has launched a social awareness initiative called #OutAndProudParentsDay.

The campaign is developed in partnership with the Naz and Matt Foundation, a charity that tackles religion-induced homophobia to help parents accept their LGBTQ+ children.

The initiative aims to spread a message of acceptance across social media through a film showing mothers and fathers ‘coming out’ as parents of their LGBTQI+ child and talking about how proud they are of them.

As well as the social push, on the day of #OutAndProudParentsDay, parents of LGBTQI+ people are encouraged to share their own videos and images using the #OutAndProudParentsDay hashtag to counter the negative peer pressure that can often come from staunchly religious communities.