Client: Apple
Date: Mar 2020
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Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign has given its iPhone 11 Pro its lengthiest challenge yet – a five-plus hour tour of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia done in one continuous shot.

The Hermitage Museum was founded in 1764 – when Empress Catherine the Great acquired a massive collection of paintings – and open to the public since 1852, and is billed as the second-largest museum in the world. Its collections comprise over three million items and occupy a large complex of six historic buildings, including the Winter Palace, the ornate former residence of Russian czars.

‘Hermitage. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro.’ highlights Russia’s tech “tester” culture and the Hermitage Museum played a perfect host for Apple’s challenge due to its scale and beauty. The result blends technology with high art, giving people a unique look at a museum many may not ever see in person.

In just one charge and one take, Russian director Axinya Gog takes viewers on a five-hour-and-19-minute cinematic odyssey throughout the museum’s public collections, past artworks by masters such as Rembrandt, Raphael, Caravaggio, Canova and others, featuring live dance, performances and music along the way. The film culminates with a 30-minute musical finale from Russian pianist and composer, Kirill Richter.


Director: Axinya Gog

Brand: Apple