Agency: TBWA
Date: Apr 2022
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Kellogg’s has launched an interactive campaign in Australia to highlight the importance of gut health.

The campaign, called “Gut Bacteria Reef” and created by TBWA\ Eleven Sydney and Nakatomi, uses virtual reality to teach players that their gut is much like a coral reef, home to trillions of organisms that need specific nutrients to thrive.

Players take a deep dive into the human gut, armed with high-fiber Kellogg’s cereals to help them nourish the good bacteria and allow them to grow and prevail over the bad bacteria.

Kellogg's hopes this will help Australian understand that fiber is vital for the maintenance of a healthy gut as 50% of Australians experience gut health problems every year. This means two-thirds of Aussies are still not meeting their daily recommended intake of fiber.

As part of the campaign Kellogg’s has also partnered with the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and invited visitors to try the VR experience and take a dive into their gut.

“Our cereals contain key sources of fiber that can help Australians maintain a healthy gut. We have combined the science of gut health with the fun of play in an innovative way that will lead to more Australians understanding the complexities and needs of the microbiome that lives in all of us,” said Dan Bitti, senior marketing manager for breakfast at Kellogg’s.



Dan Bitti – Senior Marketing Manager – Breakfast Gina Levy – Senior Nutrition Manager

Katrina Villamor – Senior Brand Manager

Felicha Carey – Brand Manager

Kavita Desai – Senior Brand Manager

Creative and PR: TBWA\ Eleven

Game Design and Development: Nakatomi Production: BOLT