Agency: TBWA
Date: Dec 2018
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In Japan, only 1% of the population watch Para sports. One reason these sports struggle to reach mainstream audiences is because people don’t understand the challenges faced by individual athletes and therefore don’t fully appreciate the immense skill involved to compete.

With the aim of helping people visualize and comprehend the challenges of paralympians, the Japan Para Table Tennis Association (JPTTA) has produced special ping pong tables, exhibiting how some of their national athletes experience the sport.

There is a wide variation in the disabilities of individual athletes and therefore the physical obstacles faced by each player is different. Even while playing on the same rectangular table, the shape they feel as they move around the table is personally unique.

The ‘PARA PINGPONG TABLE’ replicates the world seen through the athletes’ eyes and

were designed based on interviews and sketches from members of the Japanese national team.



Chief Creative Officer Kazoo Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO

Senior Creative Director Masaya Asai TBWA\HAKUHODO

Art Director Yo Kimura TBWA\HAKUHODO

Designer Takeshi Matsuda TBWA\HAKUHODO

Copywriter Shohei Ooishi TBWA\HAKUHODO

Director/Editor Shinri Abe TBWA\HAKUHODO

Executive Producer Masato Midorikawa Nomad Tokyo

Producer Ryutaro Saito TBWA\HAKUHODO

Product Designer Shintaro Monden QUANTUM

PR Planner Kyosuke Hashimoto TBWA\HAKUHODO

Motion-graphic Designer Kiyotaka Sumiyoshi TBWA\HAKUHODO

Director of Photography Yosuke Koino

Sound Designer Takaomi Tomura

Photographer Takakazu Aoyama amana photography

Photographer Ryohei Takanashi acube

Senior Graphic Producer Wataru Ito amana

Graphic Producer Yusuke Hino amana

Retoucher Takuya Tsugane RIZING

Music Producer Seiya Matsumiya Black Cat White Cat Music

Web Producer Jun Arai Slowtime Design

Online Editor Yoshinobu Okino Nomad Tokyo

Manufacturing Manager Shinya Igawa Koma Art

Client Japan Para Table Tennis Association


Manufacture SAN-EI Corporation

Co-Manufacture Koma Art

Product Design QUANTUM Inc.

Graphic Production Amana Inc.

Music Production Black Cat White Cat Music Inc.

Post Production Nomad Tokyo, LLC

Web Design Slowtime Design Inc.