Agency: TBWA
Date: Feb 2022
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Candy brand Sticky has launched a Valentine’s Day campaign for the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore.

The campaign, called “All Love Is Sweet” and created by TBWA/Singapore, wants to address how Valentine’s Day festivities are primarily targeted at heterosexual couples.

It has launched nine candy and packaging designs that represents the subcategory of love within the LGBTQ+ community inspired by the colors of their respective flags.

There is also a website that explains each of the different sexual and gender identities highlighted.

Sticky hopes the campaign will encourage understanding and inclusion of these communities.

"It is hard to accept communities that you don’t understand or even know exist. So we’re hoping this project can be a starting point for more people to know more about the varied identities within the broader LGBTQ+ community. It’s not just one homogenous group of people.” said Sharmain Lim, Su-Lynn Goh and Yashanti Yap, the TBWA\Singapore creatives that created the campaign.

“We are delighted to partner with Sticky to support and provide better understanding of these under-represented communities during Valentine’s Day, with the ultimate message being – no matter how you identify on the gender-sexuality spectrum, love is sweet all the same.”

Find out how to support ‘All Love Is Sweet” at: