United Way: Unignorable by TAXI

Agency: TAXI
Client: United Way
Date: Nov 2018
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You can't solve a problem if you don't know it exists. In our busy world, important local social issues can often go unnoticed. United Way wants to change that. That's why the United Way announced that is has partnered with the Pantone Color Institute to create Unignorable – a brand new colour developed specifically to highlight local issues and bring attention to the millions of Canadians impacted by them. This new colour is the foundation of the United Way's largest integrated public awareness campaign to date. The coral shade stands out from its surroundings, draws immediate attention and with its high physicality, induces people to act.

The multi-media, fully integrated campaign, draws on a long tradition of art for social change. It includes images designed by international illustrator Malika Favre, whose bold pieces have appeared on the cover of The New Yorker and within campaigns for Vogue, BAFTA and Sephora. Favre's customized designs will captivate onlookers with the Unignorable colour at the forefront, while the illustrations will command attention for issues that hold too many Canadians back: poverty; youth unemployment; social isolation; domestic violence; hunger; mental health; education inequality; and homelessness.

The campaign's launch film, directed by Montreal-based Benjamin Nicolas, uses colour as a universal language to remind everyone that poverty and inequality surround us. Awareness is just the beginning, the difference-maker is to act. The video and all video assets will live on YouTube and United Way's social channels.


Agency: Taxi

Client: United Way