BC Dairy Association: Pour A Little Happiness by TAXI

Agency: TAXI
Date: Aug 2019
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There’s happiness inside every glass of milk. From blowing milk bubbles until you fill your whole apartment, to taking a cookie and slam-dunking it, like Michael Jordan, to seeing who’s milk moustache puts Tom Selleck to shame. Or, at least that’s what the new fantastical campaign from BC Dairy Association and Tazi Vancouver, 'Pour A Little Happiness', seems to think.

'Pour A Little Happiness' explores the use of practical effects to create a more charming and playful setting to bring these moments of happiness to life. Taxi Vancouver worked with directors, the Talbot Twins, production agency, Boldly, Vapor Music and Post Pro Media to bring 'Pour A Little Happiness' to the screens of British Columbia.

Pour A Little Happiness continues through the summer and is supported by OOH, social and digital.


Taxi Vancouver

BC Dairy Association

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