The Bahamas: Fly Away by Tambourine

Agency: Tambourine
Date: Feb 2019
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Bahamian-American rock legend Lenny Kravitz and The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation have unveiled The Bahamas’ new, multi-channel creative campaign that captures the destination’s spirit of adventure and discovery.

A television spot, set to Kravitz’s 1998 hit song Fly Away, captures his deep personal connection to the island country, which served as inspiration for the campaign. The spot features crystal clear waters, beautiful tourists enjoying the beaches and local culture, and ends with a dreadlocked Kravitz piloting a motor boat by the islands.

Dig deeper, and Kravitz is part of the new content hub, which is designed to draw visitors into island-specific microsites that deliver vertical market video content on topics ranging from island hopping and boating to culture and cuisine, while simultaneously highlighting uniquely Bahamian experiences, places and personalities. It starts with Kravitz telling why the Bahamas are such a draw for him, such as the “magic” and the feel he had of “going to another world,” but most importantly the natural beauty and the people of the islands. Some of those people are profiled on the site, such as Lady Di (aka Eleuthera’s “Pineapple Lady”), Junkanoo and the popular People-to-People program that matches visitors with local hosts.


Agency: Tambourine

Client: The Islands of The Bahamas