Agency: Talon
Date: May 2020
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User-generated messages of love and unity are being displayed on digital Out of Home screens worldwide with social media amplification ensuring the messages are also seen by millions - at home.

Talon Outdoor launched “#SendingLove” a new global initiative to promote messages of love that unite communities all over the world during the fight against the effects of Covid-19. The socially enabled DOOH campaign is facilitated by The World Out of Home Organization (WOO) and many of its member organisations and runs on advertising space donated by over 70 media owners across 153 cities making it the biggest user-generated-content campaign ever to run on digital Out of Home.

Created by Grand Visual, the campaign encourages participants to send love to those in places they cannot travel to, by getting creative with the heart-hand symbol and uploading their pictures and locations to www.sending Participants are then invited to donate to the global Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund before receiving a photo of their picture playing on-screen in their chosen city to share with friends and family across social channels.



Adrian Skelton, Managing Partner, Talon

Winnie Karst, Managing Director, Talon Germany


Tom Perrett, International Client Services Director

Chris Turner, Business Development Director US

Margarita Christoforidou, Business Development Director EMEA, Plexus

Jonathan Everaere, Business Director, Plexus

Finty Barton, Client Manager, Plexus

Miriam Sumeray, Client Manager, Plexus

Abbie Arshed, Client Executive

Grand Visual

Dan Dawson, CCO

Ric Albert, Creative Director

Nadiya Abubakar, Production Director

Nathelie Meng, Senior Producer

Jon Jones, Creative Technologist

Michael Farrance, Full Stack Developer

Sam Fry, Midweight MGFX

Mark Phillips, Developer

Pete Thomlinson, Senior MGFX