Agency: Superunion
Date: Apr 2022
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China Duty Free International is marking the opening of its flagship store in Macau with a digital experience at the Grand Lisboa Palace in the city.

The digital experience, called “The Surreal Island” and created by Superunion, uses illustrations by Peru-based surrealist illustrator Paolo Torres to create a world that combines retail products from China Duty Free International and magical creatures.

There are creatures like a Tiger tote, a Venus statue built of lipstick, and porcelain whales that live on nine 20-meter ceiling displays and wall panels around the retail space of the Grand Lisboa Palace. These creatures are meant to attract the attention of affluent visitors in Macau.

“Macau is known for its larger-than-life attitude to experiences, having established its identity as a casino city in the last 15 years,” said Miuling Lau, the senior marketing manager at China Duty Free International.

“We hope that we can transport our guests to another world as soon as they step into our store and that this project marks the beginning of an otherwise expansive brand world for Surreal Island, where we can break out of the original retail context into other platforms and experiences.”


Tim Brown – Creative Director

Jessica Tan – Creative Digital Director

Connor Reddy – Digital Designer

Gianluca Crudele – Design Director

Louisa Luk – Senior Designer

Claudia Li – Client Director

Eugenia Chui – Client Manager

Paolo Torres – Illustrator

Kenny Addeh – Animator

Kim Ho – Animator

Jerrell Ko – Animator

Erin Lo – Animator

Clare Ang – Animator

Kaleb Lai – Animator