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Stories in music deserve a Grammy Award too

Date: Feb 2019
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The Recording Academy praises music professionals for achievements in 84 categories. From Record of The Year to Best Recording Packaging, and Best Comedy Album to Best Long Form Music Video, all aspects of music production and performance are highly commended. That is except for one essential part of music: the lyrics.

Marjolijn Winten, founder of Dutch lyrics platform, Nolala, aspires to change this by appealing to the music industry and its audiences to support her mission. She has started a campaign with the ambitious goal of adding a Grammy category for ‘Best Story’ in 2020. Singer-songwriter Gavin James, among other artists, has already shown his support for the initiative.

For four months, Winten will appeal to as many artists and music lovers as possible to share their most powerful stories about lyrics on She proposes a new Grammy category for ‘Best Story’, in which the message as well as the form of a song are valued. Songs with societal themes like This is America by Childish Gambino or Pray by Sam Smith could be eligible. Additionally, songs about personal themes could be nominated, for example Natural from Imagine Dragons.


Brand: Nolala

Founder: Marjolijn Winten