Client: giffgaff
Date: Sep 2021
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Giffgaff the mobile network run by you, has partnered with Stink Studios London and worked closely alongside one of its members to create it’s latest TV ad in British Sign Language.

Ingrained in giffgaff’s ambition to make ads with a difference, and as part of its giffgaff gives back series, this latest campaign was created after member Aleks challenged giffgaff to create an ad that was inclusive of the deaf community.

Featuring an animated version of Aleks, who is deaf, Stink Studios worked with the brand and its member to make sure the creative properly and accurately harnessed British Sign Language and conveyed what Aleks wanted to say. In the 30” and 10” cut down versions, the bespoke 3D animation of Aleks uses BSL to share what he loves most about giffgaff – sharing his story and experience of being with the mobile network.

The campaign launches on 13 September across multiple TV and VOD channels and runs until early October.