Plenish: The Royal Nuts by Steve Casino

Agency: Steve Casino
Client: Plenish
Date: Apr 2018
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To celebrate the highly anticipated Royal wedding on May 19, Plenish, the all organic British nut milk brand has given almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and coconuts a Royal makeover and transformed them into mini replica royals, depicting what Harry and Meghan’s big day might look like.

Plenish worked with the world’s only nut artist, Ohio-based Steve Casino, and has collaborated with him to recreate the royal nuptials.

Finding an artist that was capable of bringing Plenish’s vision to life was no mean feat but the uniquely talented Steve Casino helped to make their nuts idea a reality. The artist spent over 362 hours transforming shells into miniature figurines and scenes of the Royal Wedding.

Each of the four different nuts that make-up the range of Plenish Milks – almonds, coconuts, cashews and hazelnuts – were hand-painted, resulting in intricate life-like figurines of the Queen, Prince Charles, Kate, William, Harry and Meghan. Cashew nuts were used to create the Queen’s infamous royal corgis. The scenes of Westminster Abbey and the Royal Balcony incorporate coconuts and hazelnuts carefully crafted to depict realistic royal backdrops.

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