Agency: Stendahls
Date: Jan 2022
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Gothenburg Film Festival organizers aim to disrupt the modern cinema experience by performing mass hypnosis on audiences before three movies as part of this year’s ‘disorder’ event theme.

‘The Hypnotic Cinema’ is billed as 'mind-bending' and aims to examine the possibility of intensifying the film experience for those courageous visitors who dare to take part.

It’s a short video with some cult movie Easter eggs for eagle-eyed viewers: Frank the Rabbit from Donnie Darko, the long crimson corridors of Kubrick’s The Shining and a single red balloon similar to the infamous one held by Pennywise the Clown in It.

A background of hypnotic spirals gives the video a trippy feel throughout while the Tarantino-esq surf rock soundtrack adds an uneasy quality.


Creative Agency: Stendahls

Alexander Skoglund, Art Director

Mikael Andersson, Copywriter

Peter Ohlsson, Account Director

Anna Lotto, Project Manager

Sofia Malmborg, Jr. Art Director

Molly Ljungström, Jr. Copywriter

Production Company: Is This It

John Boisen & Björn Fävremark, Directors

Fredrik Sellergren, Director of Photography

Johanna Smitz, Producer

Philip Esse, FAD & Additional Cinematography

Annica Strömberg, Make-up Artist

Visual Effects: Tussilago

Robert Danielsson, Producer

Jonas Gramming, VFX Artist

Eric Ljunglöf, VFX Artist

Marcus Holst, VFX Artist

Andreas Mellkvist, Sound Design

Photo & Retouch: Studio Mint

PR: Manifest

Johanna Svantesson, PR Strategist

Julia Wohlén, PR Strategist

Fanny Carlson, PR Strategist

Annika Svahn, PR Strategist

Client: Göteborg Film Festival

Marie Murphy, Head of Marketing

Andreas Degerhammar, Head of Communications

Emma Rygielski, Head of Event

Emmy Westling, Communicator / Press Co-ordinator

Linda Gester, Web Design

Jonas Holmberg, Artistic Director

Mirja Wester, CEO