Date: Feb 2020
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Stella Artois has introduced a new illustrative look and lifestyle approach called ‘The Life Artois’ – an invitation to slow down and savor all of life’s most pleasurable moments with those who matter most.

To commemorate ‘The Life Artois,’ the brand released two ad spots last week, ‘The Kiss’ and ‘Valentine’s Day,’ which showcase the brand’s new illustrative art style just in time for Valentine’s Day, a perfect occasion to celebrate coming together.

Stella Artois will be activating in key cities across the US in 2020 to give people the chance to experience ‘The Life Artois’ first hand, including:

Dropping a series of incomplete love notes on public walls and billboards in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles to invite people to share the notes with the special people in their lives;

Partnerships with brands, including Bumble and Postmates, to spark connections both new and old with immersive experiences this Valentine’s season;

Hosting the Port de Stella festival series at popular port cities across the country so people can experience ‘The Life Artois’ throughout 2020 through globally-inspired music, style and cuisine.