Stella Artois: StellaSpace

Date: Aug 2018
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Stella Artois is not a beer to be chugged, according to a new promo for the brew that has actor Luke Evans narrating a 20-minute guide to beer sipping.

Stella is asking people to savor their beer, as the AB InBev brand states that sometimes life gets in the way of simple pleasures, like enjoying a beer with friends. That is why it has introduced StellaSpace, an audio guide designed to help people focus on being present and truly enjoying a Stella Artois, narrated Evans.

In it Evans personally takes listeners through a 20-minute guide of what to focus on when enjoying a Stella Artois in order to experience the perfect sensory journey. Twenty minutes may seem lengthy, but Stella Artois’ Master Cicerone Max Bakker, one of only 16 world-renowned beer experts to have earned the title, determined it’s the optimal time needed to truly appreciate every sip of the full-flavored, classic Belgian lager.

The audio is the brewer’s entry into the world of mindfulness tools – apps, meditation studios, adult coloring books and other simple aids to help you pay attention to experiences and be present in the moment. It is available by downloading the Inscape app.


Brand: Stella Artois

App: Inscape

Narrator: Luke Evans