Stella Artois: Joie de Bière

Date: Oct 2018
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Stella Artois has unveiled a new philosophy: ‘Joie de Bière,’ a refreshing take on the famous phrase, which aims to highlight the ridiculous, fast-paced nature of modern society and inspire it to make time for life’s simple pleasures.

The definition of Joie de Bière is the joyful feeling one gets when they drink a chalice of Stella Artois, savoured over food, with good company.

With an impressive aim to reach 82% of the population, Stella Artois hopes to slow down the on-the-go conveyor belt and motivate people to partake in things they feel they are ‘too busy’ for.

Targeting those who burn the candle at both ends, the secretly filmed social experiment reinvents the takeaway coffee cup; a vessel that ensures people can grab and go, without even stopping to think.

Though rather than offering a caffeine pumped flat white, the Stella Artois van pours 'beers-on-the-go' in handy, fake, paper chalices.

Paper and beer don’t mix well together it seems, and quickly the fake glasses soggily begin to disintegrate, highlighting why some things aren’t meant to be rushed.

Instead of this anti-social method of enjoying the beer, the bartender points the drinkers towards the pub; a space to sit down and relax with pals.

The 360-degree campaign will be amplified via a range of activity, encompassing cinema, TV, print, PR, social and digital and out-of-home.

Alexis Berger, marketing director – Europe at Stella Artois, said: "We all know modern life is incredibly busy but we’re calling time on our constant ‘on the go’ attitude and reminding everyone to make time for what they truly enjoy.”