Date: Jul 2018
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Starling, the UK mobile-only challenger bank, has introduced a new debit card in a portrait format that puts all customer details, including name, card number and expiry date, on the back.

The new groundbreaking design reflects the way people use their debit cards – the first of its kind for a UK bank – has been designed to reflect the way people use cards today, slotting them into ATMs and card machines or making contactless payments in a vertical, or portrait, orientation.

The front of the card bears the Starling Bank name. All the clutter of the customer name and banking details are on the back to maintain compatibility with whilst discreetly improving security by making it less easy to copy personal information.


Mark Day - Art Director - Starling Bank,

Steven Blyth - Product Designer - Starling Bank,

Thom Stoodley - Lead Designer - Starling Bank,

George Buckfield - Motion Designer - Starling Bank,

Eve Stepney - Copywriter - Starling Bank,

Sarah Guha - Product Director - Starling Bank,

Lisa Rodwell - Marketing & Brand - Starling Bank,

Harriet Murphy - Project Manager for Operations - Starling Bank,

James Moreton - Banking Operations - Starling Bank