Client: Rakuten
Date: Nov 2019
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Rakuten's new spot, appropriately titled 'Christmas Sweater' continues the 'Let’s Talk Rakuten' narrative which comes from the insight that once people experience Rakuten, they really do talk about it.

This second spot takes us to Christmas morning in a normal household where each gift has brought cash back to the gifter, Grandma.



Brad Hebebrand, VP, Creative

Trever Gregory, VP, Brand Marketing

Kelly Gardenhire, Senior Marketing Manager

Kristen Gambetta, Senior Director, Sports & Entertainment

Rhea Wadia, Manager, Sports & Entertainment

Hungry Man Productions

Hank Perlman, Director

Standard Black

Michael Sharp, CEO

Jared Tomlinson, Partner, Executive Creative Director

Scott Niemczura, Creative Director

Suzanne Sherwood-Moore, Creative Director

Lauren Gluck, Brand Director

Brian Schierman, Executive Producer

Catherine Soulé, Art Director

Johnny Fracchiolla, Designer