Agency: St Luke's
Client: Tanqueray
Date: Nov 2018
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Tanqueray has unveiled a multi-million global campaign titled “Unmistakably Tanqueray” which aims to bring the conversation back to taste and the flavour of its gins.

The gin producer has placed taste at the focal point of the campaign. The strong message - the flavour of the gin is so distinctive, you don't need to see the brands iconic green bottle, to know you're drinking it.

To demonstrate that the taste of the gin is 'unmistakenly Tanqueray' the campaign artwork features blindfolded models partaking in a glamorous blind tasting.

The model's eyes are shrouded by a silky Tanqueray-green blindfold, which shrouds the Tanqueray gin and tonic from view, leaving them alone with their taste buds to recognise the historic gin.

Created by St Luke's Communications, the campaign will be the showcased on OOH, print and digital around the world.

The campaign stems from research conducted at the 2018 World Class Global Bartender of the Year Competition. When put to a blind test, 90% of bartenders who were surveyed at the event choose the Tanqueray London Dry and tonic vs the leading competitor.