Agency: St Luke's
Date: Nov 2018
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To commemorate the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, the National AIDS Trust (NAT) has revamped its message to help destigmatise the red awareness ribbon.

NAT got St Luke's onboard for the first time, who delivered a pro-bono campaign titled 'Rock The Ribbon,' which features Childish Gambino's choreographer, Sherrie Silver and the recognisable voice of Stephen Fry.

As HIV still carries a negative connotation, a residual sentimentality left over from the 1980's AIDS crisis, the charity recognised that it needed a positive and empowering campaign to show solidarity with people living with the illness, and encourage others to do the same. Just last year, a study showed 1 in 5 would be uncomfortable wearing the ribbon, a shocking fact that the charity hopes to combat.

Commenting directly to The Drum on the campaign, NAT's chief executive, Deborah Gold said: "this is a positive and empowering campaign which says wear the ribbon, be really proud. We know that there is a stigma attached to wearing the red ribbon and people worry about what it says about them, so we wanted to do something powerful and positive."

What better way than to get the self-taught mastermind behind Childish Gambino's revered 'This is America' video to literally 'Rock The Ribbon' in an abandoned school gymnasium.

Directed by James Fitzgerald through Sonny, the film begins out of class hours in a seemingly abandoned school, with light murmurs of Erasure's 'A Little Respect' gradually breaking through the void.

Enter the 23-year-old Silver, partnered with an eye-capturing red ribbon. Together, they cut through the empty gymnasium hall, filling the space with passionate rhythmic dance.

Unbeknown to the security guard, distracted by his tea and TV, Silver escapes capture as she continues to express herself through the red ribbon which signifies the AIDS awareness ribbon.

As Silver exits the school defiantly, Stephen Fry's voiceover implores the viewer: "Whoever you are, whatever you're doing, show your support for people living with HIV this World AIDS Day, and Rock the Ribbon."


Brand : National AIDS Trust (NAT)

Client : Deborah Gold, CEO National AIDS Trust

Campaign : “Rock The Ribbon”

Creative Agency : St. Luke’s

Executive Creative Director : Richard Denney, St. Luke’s

Art Director : Laura Stevens, St. Luke’s

Copywriter : Claire Wombwell, St. Luke’s

Managing Director : Ed Palmer, St. Luke’s

Senior Account Manager : Emily Gill-Heginbotham, St. Luke’s

Digital Strategy Director : Nikki Wilkinson, St. Luke’s

Planner : Rob Sandford, St. Luke’s

Agency Producer : Chloe London, St. Luke’s

Music : Erasure – “A Little Respect”

Director/Production Company : James Fitzgerald, Sonny London


Designers : Jon Hubbard, John Brock, St. Luke’s

Producer : Dan Gay, Sonny London

Editor : Ed Cheesman, Final Cut

Post Production : Electric Theatre Collective

Producers : Elle Lockhart, Arianna Maniscalco, Electric Theatre Collective

2D Lead : Sarah Crux, Electric Theatre Collective

2D Assist : Alberto Pizzocchero, Electric Theatre Collective

2D Assist : Alex Prod'Homme, Electric Theatre Collective

Colourist : Tim Smith, Electric Theatre Collective

Sound Design : Ben Leeves, Jungle

Director of Photography : Jordan Buck

Talent : Claire Byrne, Senior Account Director, ITB Worldwide

Sponsor/Supporter : The MAC AIDS Fund

Soundtrack : Sony/ATV Music publishing/Theodore Music