Client: Maltsmiths
Date: Aug 2018
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Maltsmiths is launching its first TV advert following the brand’s out-of-home and social campaign earlier this year. Highlighting the love the Maltsmiths have for what they do, the 30-second spot ‘When You Love What You Do’ aims to invite people into the craft beer category for the first time. With an upbeat musical track, the film positions Maltsmiths Lager as a crisp and flavourful beer for everyone to enjoy.

The film follows a joyful male and female Maltsmith dancing around a brewery to the tune of Hall & Oates' ‘You Make My Dreams’. The large brewery doors open to reveal a green open space full of family and friends enjoying Maltsmiths Lager. The ad finishes with the Maltsmiths pulling pints and sharing their passion with others, highlighting the positive, upbeat nature of the brand.


Richard Denney - Executive Creative Director - St Luke’s

Laura Stevens / Claire Wombwell - Art director/copywriter - St Luke’s

Dan Hulse - Planning Lead - St Luke’s

Lara Poole - Business Lead - St Luke’s

Rory Gilbride - Account Manager - St Luke’s

Jenny Busby - Agency Producer- St Luke's

Jake Scott - Director - RSA Films

Garfield Kempton - Producer - RSA Films

Andy Salem - VFX Producer - Big Buoy

Tim Davies - VFX Supervisor - Big Buoy

Mark Horrobin - Colourist

Ollie White – Theodore - Music consultant

Jungle - Audio post-production

Starcom- Media agency: