Boutinot Wines: Brand design by Squad

Agency: Squad
Date: Nov 2018
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Management consultancy and creative agency Squad has created a brand identity for Boutinot, a UK-based wine provider.

The approach to the visual identity centred around the idea of visual storytelling. Putting people and their stories centre stage, conveying the energy and creativity within their adventures. The use of eclectic collage allows the use of vibrant and personal pictures, steering clear of a boringly unified brand look and allowing Boutinot to free up their people to collect imagery and ephemera on their travels without worrying too much about official photo shoots. Typographically, Squad introduced handwritten type and a specially cut version of the font used in their logo, inspired by wine-crate stencils.

Squad is part management consultancy, part creative agency. The Manchester-based business is headed up by partners Rob Gray and David Barraclough.

Founded in 2008, Squad has worked with clients including: ACCA, BPP, Boutinot, Brother, Environment Agency, First Ark, Halewood International, Hansgrohe, Information Commissioner’s Office, JW Lees, ZSL London Zoo, Martin Moore, Office of Fair Trading, PZ Cussons, Sanger Institute, Tebay Services, Umbro, Vestey and Vodafone.


Creative Director: David Barraclough

Strategic Partner: Rob Gray

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