Agency: Spark44
Client: Tetley
Date: Oct 2019
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Tetley Tea has been given a fresh rebrand, despite experiencing a drop in sales last time it axed the Tetley Tea Folk.

The cloth-capped Cartoon characters have been representing the Tetley Tea brand since 1973.

In 2002, the characters were deemed too old fashioned, and the tea manufacturer shelved them for a £15m advertising campaign that showed various scenarios of people excelling themselves.

However, the decision to axe the Tetley Tea Folk from its ads after 28 years resulted in a dramatic drop in sales and they were brought back in 2010.

Developed by Spark44, the new Tetley Tea platform 'Now We're Talking' intends to modernise the brand to a wider, more diverse audience.

The tea brand has decided to rebrand to help it stand out against a competitive market place.

Based on the insight nothing gets us talking like a cup of tea, 'Now We're Talking' sees two pets relaxing after their owners leave the house. After the dog puts the kettle on, he and the cat enjoy a cup of Tetley together, mirroring everyday conversations people have on their sofa at home.

The cat and dog, an unlikely friendship, works to demonstrate that Tetley gets anyone talking.

The campaign will be brought to life on social, by posing conversation starters such as ‘Milk first? Or milk last?’, ‘Brew? Or cuppa?’, ‘Strong? Or milky?’.


Client: Tetley Tea

Agency: Spark44 London

Global Chief Creative Officer: Brian Fraser

Creative Directors: Mike Boles & Jerry Hollens & Simon Butler

Copywriter: Andrew Edelston

Art Director: Al Brown

Business Director: Hannah Sawford

Senior Account Manager : Lawrence Sweeney

Producer: Maggie Blundell

Assistant Producer: Elizabeth Newton

Planner: Liz Wolstenholme & Kate Sloan

Production Company : Outsider

Directors : Dom and Nick

Producer: John Madsen

DOP: Tom Townend

Post Production: The Mill

Colour: The Mill

Sound Design: Factory Sound

Editor: Ed Cheesman / Final Cut