Agency: SomeOne
Client: Beyond
Date: Jul 2018
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An entirely new strategic brand world has been created by SomeOne for funeral business Beyond. The new naming better connects to a wider set of products and services, and the progressive new visual and verbal branding sings out against a sea of sameness in the sector. It shuns clichéd sunsets, flowers, or doves, but a radical new design approach that supports, guides and reassures customers through the steps needed to make the right decisions.

The new visual and verbal branding, written and created at SomeOne, consists of a full operating system to support today’s services and tomorrow’s products. Everything is led by a new mascot – a charming, respectful and friendly way to get across sensitive information from Beyond.

All brand assets are hosted on the CloudLines platform, enabling those deploying the brand nationwide to have seamless and always-up-to-date access to the full operating system.


Simon Manchipp — ECD — SomeOne

Jamin Galea — Digital Design Director — SomeOne

Steve Burtenshaw — Digital Senior Designer — SomeOne

Thomas Dabner — Senior Designer — SomeOne

Beth Baines — Account Manager — SomeOne