Client: Sodastream
Date: Jun 2019
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Pride Month is a pivotal moment in the calendar year for members of the LGBTQ+ community across the gender spectrum to embrace their identities. In honor of this, SodaStream released a minute-long ad celebrating love throughout the last century.

The video entreats viewers to “imagine a world where we never had to hide,” as people across decades past pose for pictures that capture the little moments – two male miners from 1912 sharing a kiss, a Great Depression-era female sailor flexing her bicep that has another woman’s name in a heart tattooed on it, two girls giddily laughing and embracing surrounded pastel balloons, two dads and their kids.

But perhaps a standout scene in the ad is from 1967, where two people of color (the only two in the video) get married. The bride is played by Lila Blilat, a transgender woman from the Bedouin town of Rahat, Israel, near SodaStream’s factory. Coming from a conservative, nomadic Muslim community, she has traveled far to become not only a part of the beverage company’s campaign, but also the face of the 2019 Tel Aviv Pride Parade.