Agency: SMALL
Client: CoorDown
Date: Mar 2021
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Sting, of The Police fame, has helped mark World Down Syndrome Day with a new advert showcasing the ripple effects of inclusivity.

Devised by New York creative agency Small, the emotive piece draws on the vocal talent of Sting to deliver an up-tempo jazz-infused ode to a young bakery worker named Simone, who happens to have Down syndrome.

CoorDown has produced a relatable tale of virtuous recruitment in the form of Simone, who makes such an impression on her customers that one – a lawyer – goes on to himself recruit a man with Down syndrome.

Communicating the inspirational chain reactions that can improve everyday life, the heartfelt piece marries Sting’s evocative vocals with video direction by Rich Lee via Indiana to craft a modern-tale of uplifting acts. The campaign has the support of LinkedIn, which has partnered with Hiring Chain to promote its aims.