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Four Paws: Help these puppies uncover the truth by Small Axe

Agency: Small Axe
Client: Four Paws
Date: Jun 2016
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The video calls for classified ad sites to improve their procedures for selling pets online after Four Paws research discovered that sick, dangerous and illegal animals are being sold online.

The research, carried out on 42 classified ad sites across 10 countries including Australia, discovered numerous illegal and irresponsible postings such as a pitbull being advertised for professional dog fighting, a marmoset monkey being advertised for delivery via courier, endangered and wild caught species being sold as pets, animals being swapped for inanimate objects including a parrot swapped for a laptop - all of which should have been prevented from being posted on the sites.

Thousands of classified adverts offering pets are listed across various websites every day, with animals being purchased just like products, at the click of a button. Some sites have as many as 200,000 adverts featuring pets for sale online at any one time, with over 4 million viewers. Classified ad sites benefit from the high click-through rate and the resulting advertising revenue.


Creative Director: Dan Stanley

Additional Credits: Nicholas Gordon