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Agency: Sky Media
Client: Kia
Date: Aug 2019
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To promote Kia's electric car range, the car brand and Sky Media have enlisted the help of kids to explore the benefits that cars that get their juice from the plug have over those that are petrol-based.

Building on the insight that some adults are hesitant to ask questions about electric cars, the campaign will see an all-child cast ask the things that their parents are too afraid to.

In a three-minute video, the kids explore the benefits to raise awareness of electric car credentials among families.

In the opening video, a young boy is sat in the driver's seat of a car in a Kia showroom. As he energetically steers the wheel back and forth, he makes car noises that mirror what the car would be doing if it wasn't stuck in the car dealer.

As if it wasn't clear, the boy turns to the camera and explains: "Oh hello, I'm not really driving. I'm a child."

The shot then moves to a suited kid who is stood in front of the motor with a microphone. who tells the viewer to search online if they want to know more about Kia's electric range.

The six-week campaign will be available on VOD. It will also be promoted through a Sky Native branded content article, digital display, social media and linear TV.