Agency: Sid Lee
Client: Dickies
Date: Oct 2019
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Dickies' latest campaign, 'Yours To Make' celebrates those who love what they do and take pride in their work. The first of its kind commercial for the workwear brand will feature real artists, creators and makers – no actors.

Thanks to the rise of workwear in global fashion, fashion icons and celebrities have been sporting Dickies at many high-profile red carpets and events, from the Met Gala and Fashion Week to the Billboard Music Awards and more. Dickies hopes this commercial will put the focus on the real people who live with this brand each day and help them explore their passions.

The spots open with the classic jazz tune 'Taint What You Do' by Sy Oliver and James Young, as performed by Greg Leonard. Channel Tres' remixed version then mixes in to the soundtrack.


Sid Lee