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DillySocks print campaign by Serviceplan

Date: Dec 2019
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Serviceplan Suisse has created an edgy print campaign for DillySocks, photographed by Swiss photographer Jonathan Heyer. Wearers of the eye-catching socks from Swiss start-up DillySocks have indisputably great taste. And having great taste is a wonderful thing – with a couple of exceptions.

This was the inspiration for Serviceplan Suisse’s campaign, which humorously showed that it’s not always easy having a fabulous sense of style. Because the brightly coloured DillySocks stand out. So much so that even Father Christmas found himself in difficulties, and there are a few other situations where things could quickly head south as well.

The campaign featured three themes for both static and moving advertising media. Renowned Swiss photographer Jonathan Heyer was the man making things happen behind the lens.

The campaign appeared on posters, and in social media ads and cinemas. And because DillySocks make the perfect Christmas gift, the campaign also featured a sales promotion to herald the start of the Christmas shopping season.


Client: DillySocks

Sean Pfister -Co-Founder

Sophie Witte - Head of Marketing & Growth

Agency: Serviceplan Suisse

Raul Serrat – Executive Creative Director

Nicolas Vontobel – Creative Director

Michael Kathe - Creative Director

Hanning Beland - Art Director

Marietta Mügge – Copywriter

Peter Liptak – Copywriter

Alexandra Hofmänner, Aline Litchenhaus (Beratung), Pam Hügli (Gesamtverantwortung)

Photographer: Jonathan Heyer

Film GmbH - Fotograf

ALL IN Production GmbH: Dhondup Tersey + Aliza Eva Berger (Producer), Katerina Carambellas (Hair + Make Up), Alessandro Fischer, Elias Gmünder, Sebastian Heeb, Letizia Marco (Photo-Assistant); Pixelpolish Stephan Riederer (Bildbearbeitung)

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